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What Size Urn Should I Order?

One of the most common questions that I am asked is: What size urn should I order?

When it comes to considering the size of cremation urn that you will need, you can follow this general rule:

For every pound of total weight before death you will need approximately one cubic inch of space.

For example:

If your deceased loved one weighed 170 lbs. you will need an urn that is 170 cubic inches or larger.

The average adult urn is around 200 – 225 cubic inches. (suitable for a 200 – 225 pound person’s ashes)

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We also offer larger capacity urns and medium sized urns.  There are even keepsake sized urns which are essentially mini versions of full sized urns and generally do not hold more that 3 – 5 cubic inches.

To err on the side of caution I would suggest that you add ten cubic inches to the converted size to ensure the urn will accommodate all the ashes.

This same rule applies to the ashes of a pet ~ a 40 pound dog would require an urn that is 40 cubic inches or larger and once again I would suggest a 50 cubic inch urn to be on the safe side.

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Hope that helps.