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Cremation Jewelry Care

Browse our extensive selection of cremation urns and jewelry for ashes. Our memorial products are of the highest quality and we are pleased to offer them to you at the most affordable prices.

Keeping a small amount of a loved ones ashes has become a very popular keepsake option.  Cremation pendants have been designed with a tiny chamber to hold a very small amount of ashes – I mean very small.  Generally the cylinder shaped pendants hold approx. 1/4 tsp of ashes while the more intricate pendants may hold only a pinch.

Our collection of beautiful Cremation Jewelry Pendants are made from high quality metals, such as Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plated, and Gold Plated. With a little care, you can make sure your remembrance jewelry remains stunning forever.

Sterling Silver

Always store Sterling Silver in a closed container or jewelry box. Do not over-expose to air, as this can oxidize the surface and cause tarnishing.

Showering with sterling silver jewelry won’t necessarily harm the actual metal. BUT… The water can oxidise the silver, meaning it is likely to tarnish and will therefore start to darken. When your silver is exposed to water for short periods followed by a soft cloth to dry, less damage will result.

Water isn’t the culprit when it comes to damage, it’s the chemicals in the water. In fact, many suggest a gentle washing using soft soap and water as a regular way to keep your jewelry clean and help remove tarnish.

We always recommend taking off your sterling silver jewelry before showering.

Use a silver polishing cloth or lint-free cloth to wipe away any build-up on your sterling silver. Using the right cloth prevents snags on dirt or debris, and stops you from scratching the surface of your jewelry during cleaning.

Silver cleaners and chemicals should be totally avoided, as they can damage the surface of the jewelry.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is very durable, and is designed to withstand daily wear. However, it can still tarnish over time if not properly cared for.

To treat, wipe down with a damp cloth and mild dish detergent. Follow the grain of the steel to avoid scratching. Rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Use a polishing cloth to remove any excess debris, and enhance overall shine.

Rhodium Plated

Use a soft cloth and mild dishwashing detergent to clean rhodium plated jewelry. Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately, to ensure no mineral build-up or water spotting occurs.

Avoid using polishing cloths for gold or silver jewelry, silver cleaners, toothpaste, ammonia based cleaners, and other chemicals. They can remove rhodium plating, and compromise the integrity of your jewelry

Gold Plated

Use a damp lint-free cloth to clean your gold jewelry. A gentle rubbing motion will remove any build-up, and restore shine.

Store your jewelry in a soft material, such as a velvet-lined jewelry case or velvet jewelry bag, to avoid scratching the plating. If plating eventually shows signs of wear, most jewellers can replace the gold layer for a relatively small fee.