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Scattering Tubes – How To Assemble And Use

Scattering Tubes are a lovely and economical way to bid farewell to a loved ones cremated remains ‘ashes’. They are designed for easy use and are also suitable for burial or to be kept at home.  They provide freedom of choice when deciding the best way to preserve, protect and remember someone close.

Most funeral homes and crematoriums are more than happy to assist you with filling your Scattering Tube. In fact, I would be surprised if your Funeral Director hasn’t already offered to place your loved one’s cremated remains inside it for you once it arrives.

If you have chosen to do this yourself, no problem just follow these step by step instructions for assembling and filling the Scattering Tube.  Friendly warning – cremated remains can be dusty and of course they are precious and valuable – so be careful. This process may be as special to you as the actual scattering itself.  Find a quiet place and do the transfer slowly.

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Instructions for Assembling and Filling a Scattering Tube

1. Remove lid from urn by twisting gently.

2. Remove inner (white) tube by twisting gently and place on a flat surface with the open end facing upwards.

3. Slowly fill the white tube with cremated remains.

4. Squeeze a generous line of white glue approximately one inch below the rim around the inside circumference of the outer tube (the tube with the printed image and a hole in the base).

5. Line up the openings of both tubes and push the outer tube downwards slowly, to allow air to escape through the vent hole. Rotate as pushing.

6. Once the tubes are firmly in place, attach an identification label over the vent hole.

PLEASE NOTE – it is important to attach the label (or something) at this point in the assembly to prevent any leakage of ashes through the vent hole when the tube is returned to its upright position.

7. Turn the sealed urn over and replace the lid ensuring that the image is aligned.

8. To scatter cremated remains, remove the lid and push out the perforated disc.

When you are ready, travel to a favourite place knowing that the cremated remains of your loved one securely placed in the urn without the risk of spilling out.

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