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What Size Urn Do I Need For My Pet’s Ashes?

When it comes to considering the size of cremation urn that you will need for your beloved dog or cat you can follow the same general rule applied when discussing the ashes of a human.

For every pound of total weight before death you will need approximately one cubic inch of space.

For example:

If your dog weighs 100 lbs. you will need an urn that is 100 cubic inches or larger

If your dog weighs 50 lbs. you will need an urn that is 50 cubic inches or larger

If your cat weighs 10 lbs. you will need an urn that is 10 cubic inches or larger

To be on the safe side ~ I would suggest that you add ten cubic inches to the converted size to ensure the urn will accommodate all the ashes.

An urns capacity is either measured in cubic inches or litres.

The conversion is approx.:

1.5L = 90 Cubic Inches

1L = 60 Cubic Inches

.5L = 30 Cubic InchesCasket Canada - Canada’s affordable, online funeral product expertsThe Rainbow Bridge Urn

Cremation urns for pets are available in many sizes, allowing you the flexibility to choose an urn that will perfectly suit your needs.

If you want an urn that will hold all of your dog or cat’s ashes you do need to consider the weight of your pet to be sure that all the ashes will fit inside.

If you are planning to keep a small portion of the ashes and scatter or bury the rest ~ our Keepsake Urn or Memorial Jewelry Collection would be suitable.


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Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to have extra space in the urn and that the ashes do not necessarily need to completely fill the urn. It is quite common for pet owners to buy urns that are 50+ cubic inches for pets smaller than 10 pounds.

Find an urn that you love and that represents your companion best and the size will work itself out.

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