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Fingerprint and Photo Jewelry

Custom Print Jewelry

Keep the fingerprint of someone you love with you Always & Forever. We offer the finest selection of personalized fingerprint and photo jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. Memorialize a loved one or mark the celebration of a birth, a wedding or anniversary.

The quality of our personalized jewelry is stunning. Each print is embossed deeply into the metal of these heirloom-quality charms with incredible resolution and detail.

There are several ways to capture prints. You may use a fingerprint scanner, black ink pad on white paper or take a high resolution digital photo of a print from a birth certificate. Simply take a high resolution digital photo of the best print and email to us. For best results, fill frame, make sure there is good lighting and sharp focus.

All jewelry from our Personalized Collection ship via FedEx from Washington, USA, directly from the supplier.

Import charges occasionally apply and are the responsibility of the receiver to pay. Cannot ship to PO Boxes.