Stone – Oxide Green Melange

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Stone – Oxide Green Melange

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The Stone Keepsake Urn is a high-quality ceramic cremation keepsake designed to hold a small portion ashes – person or pet.

Entirely hand-made by skilled ceramic artists in Bulgaria ~ this urn is a true piece of art.

The Stone keepsake reflects the same tranquil lines and homage to nature of the larger, matching art urn. This smaller keepsake can be used to share the ashes of your loved one with others or as a contemplative palmstone.

The robin’s egg color of the ceramic evokes images of birth and rebirth, while the melange pattern highlights the nuanced, yet beautiful journey of life.

Bottom filled/ No bag needed

Material: Ceramic

Height 2.3 in
Width 4.7 in
Length 3.3 in
Capacity 15 cu in (suitable for portion of human ashes or a pet weighing up to 15 pounds)
Weight 0.25 kg | 0.55 lbs

This keepsake urn does not require sealing as the cap fits very tightly to the urn. Sealing with glue is optional.

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