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Will COVID-19 Affect Funeral Products

Always & Forever Memorial Products has taken the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus very seriously. We will continue to implement the necessary steps to protect ourselves and our community while still serving our customers with the same outstanding level of care you expect of us.

UPDATE: April 2021 

We are in a critically low inventory situation due to the global shortage of containers. We anticipate the ability to restock out of stock items by mid May.

Funerals Will Change

We believe our role of serving you during this time is a critical one, and we want to make sure you can get the memorial items that you need. We know many of you will impacted by this virus at the deepest level.  Many people will be unable to sit bedside with a dying loved one.  Funeral and Memorial Services will either be delayed or cancelled completely. Many funeral traditions will cease to exist during this Pandemic and this honestly breaks my heart.

What We Can Do For You

Our fulfillment operations are running normally for now. We will take all steps necessary to make sure deliveries happen on time for all orders including those that require expediting. If circumstances progress to a point where there are major disruptions, your order may be delayed and we are truly sorry. We will remain in contact with you the entire time.

UPDATE: March 25, 2020 – Fingerprint Jewelry will not be shipped at this time.  

Product Availability 

As COVID-19 has spread, there’s been an increase in people shopping online. Many folks aren’t going in to the funeral home. Many funeral product showrooms are closed to the public.

My small business has access to and stocks hundreds of urns!  Our suppliers currently operate and have also implemented all the necessary safety precautions.  We continue to ship from Ontario, Alberta and BC.

We will update our website regularly so if any item becomes out of stock you will be unable to make that purchase. Last October we started experiencing shortages and anticipate this to continue throughout 2021.

Feel free to contact us in advance of making your purchase; we are responding to emails quickly.

Continue to Monitor

Since the spread of the virus is happening at an alarming rate, we are not able to predict the restrictions that provincial or federal government may put in place during the coming weeks, so we are monitoring the situation closely as it develops.
We hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.
Resources to follow:

Supporting Small Business

The mega funeral conglomerates will likely be financially unaffected throughout this uncertain time. Now, more than ever, small businesses need our support.  Should you require a funeral professional, I urge you to support your local family run funeral home.
Those of us that operate a small business appreciate and thank you!

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