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Why Choose LoveUrns®

At Always & Forever we are always on the lookout for the very best in funeral & memorial products. As our selection grows it may become more difficult to decide which urn is the right choice for your loved one.  If you are looking for a premium product then let me introduce you to LoveUrns®

High Quality Cremation Urns & Memorial Products at affordable prices

LoveUrns® specializes in hand-crafted high quality cremation urns and memorial products. A leader in the industry, LoveUrns® proudly offers an unparalleled selection of cremation urns and cremation jewelry. Their products are beautiful and made with lot of love and care.

I consider myself super lucky because LoveUrns® are only offered through major distributors in the funeral industry (world-wide) who demand the highest quality.  I may not be major yet but I certainly have very high standards!

“We offer an unparalleled selection of cremation urns and cremation jewelry.

Our choices are beautiful, made with care, popular with today’s families”

Unique Selection

LoveUrns® are a theme based line of products. They have everything from birds, butterflies, flowers and leaves to hearts, tear-drops and classic shapes all in various colors, textures and finishes. Most have matching keepsake size urns and jewelry.

You can rest assured that you will find a style which captures the unique life, values, and personality of a cherished family member, friend, or beloved pet.

Always and Forever Memorial Products: Love Heart Urn Red


Only The Best Materials Are Used

“We care about the materials in our creative arsenal,

which is why we only pick high-quality top-grade materials”

They have stated that “Crafting urns requires attention to detail and experienced calloused hands before you get a brilliantly crafted urn made with Love. Asian world has a deep crafting history, we continue to use it to bring quality urns made with purest quality raw materials”

Did you know?

All metal LoveUrns® are protected with GlossCoat™ technology which ensures they last forever.


This is where the artisan touch matters most. The artisans they use take their time carefully making each urn. A process that can’t be rushed, no corners are cut when it comes crafting quality. When you buy a LoveUrns® product, you are buying the finest materials out there.

To ensure that you have received an authentic LoveUrn® look for this branded hologram on each piece:


While not cheap LoveUrns® certainly have a superb value for money.

“Families recommend us and some say that due to LoveUrns® designs and build quality

they are perhaps the best bargain on the market”


Top Sellers

Mother Of Pearl Collection

Always and Forever Memorial Products: Mother of Pearl Memorial Collection

Prairie Wheat Urn

Always and Forever Memorial Products: Prairie Wheat Cremation Urn

Love Drop Pet Urn

Always and Forever Memorial Products: LoveDrop Pet Urn Pearl

Returning Home Urn

Always and Forever Memorial Products: Returning Home Doves Urn


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