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The Guardian Urn – Beige Grey


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The Guardian Urn is a high-quality ceramic cremation art urn for human ashes, suitable for home, garden or columbarium.

This art urn symbolizes purity, humility and divine peace, as it is associated with guardian angels. The “Guardian”, with its gentle lines and thoughtful design is a truly remarkable memorial, suitable for any interior. We believe that you will find this premium urn worthy of keeping the ashes of your loved one.

The grey of this Pulvis Urn makes for a timeless and sophisticated memorial to your loved one, while the unique shape of the ceramic makes this art urn a one of a kind piece. Meanwhile the melange pattern highlights the nuanced, yet beautiful journey of life.

Bottom filled/ No bag needed

Suitable for outdoors and home

Material: Ceramic

Height 15 in
Width 10 in
Length 8 in
Capacity 195 cu in
Weight 5.73 lbs.

Please note, that we recommend sealing with adhesive(glue) suitable for ceramic surfaces. This is done in order to prevent spilling of the ashes. Ceramic lids are without threads and DO NOT close tightly, which may lead to ashes spill if not sealed.

Free Shipping – Import Fees may apply (could range from $40 -$90 and are not included)

This urn ships via UPS from Bulgaria. The delivery time depends on your location, may take up to 10 business days
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