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Ceramic Art Urns

We’re proud to offer an extensive array of cremation urns to safely protect the remains of your loved one. Our cremation urns range in style from classic to contemporary and are available in a variety of materials, designs, colors. Plus we offer free ground shipping across Canada.

Welcome to our Collection of Pulvis Art Urns ~ more than just traditional urns for ashes ~ they imply the feeling of art.

Each ceramic urn in this collection has been entirely hand made by skilled ceramic artists in Bulgaria. With focus on profound concept, rich symbolic content and exquisiteness, each urn is truly worthy of commemorating your loved one.

Since each urn is entirely handmade, there may be some minor variations in the color (finish) of the product compared to the original photos shown on our website. The glazing of each urn depends on variety of factors; we cannot guarantee that every urn will be exactly as shown on the photos, but we do our best to minimize the difference, if such occurs. Some minor cosmetic imperfections may also occur. (Dots, chips or spots smaller than 3 mm in diameter are considered acceptable).

Certain urns may be considered special order and ship directly from Bulgaria. Import duties and fees are NOT included in the delivery on those products.