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Mail Forwarding After A Death – Canada Post

Following a death there’s plenty of paperwork to be done, interaction with government agencies, registries …

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Should I Say Ashes or Cremated Remains?

Have you ever found yourself trying to sound suave or sophisticated and then you totally …

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4 Lessons That Children Can Teach Us About Death

Thoughts and memories shared by Heidi Major. Many people feel challenged when approaching the subject …

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Scattering ‘Ashes’ Cremated Remains in Canada

Ever wondered if it is against the law to scatter cremated remains ‘ashes’ in Canada? …

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6 Myths About Cremation

With the rate of cremation at an all time high so are the misconceptions.  If …

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3 Alternative Uses For Cremation Jewelry

One of the final steps following a death is bidding farewell to the bodily remains. …

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