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What Is Ash Infused Glass Cremation Jewelry?

Ash Infused Glass Ash Infused Glass is an incredible and personal way to immortalize your …

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Grief At Christmas – How You Can Help

Christmas is a time when society expects you to be merry and joyful. After all …

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Understanding The Cost of a Funeral and How to Save Money

Funerals are notoriously known for being super expensive but are they really as pricey as …

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Registration Of Death In British Columbia

If a person dies in British Columbia, the death must be registered with the Vital …

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What Size Urn Do I Need For My Pet’s Ashes?

When it comes to considering the size of cremation urn that you will need for …

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Do I Need To Purchase A Casket For A Cremation?

Most (if not all) Funeral Service Regulatory Boards in Canada require that a deceased person …

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